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Suarè è un marchio depositato della EGE Srl

The secret of the perfect Arancina

We know the secret of the perfect Arancina…

…and we are willing to share it with everyone. It is also for this reason that Suarè is born, to protect tradition and allow everyone to be able to offer their customers the REAL Sicilian Arancine.
A first secret is in rice, in its quality. Then you have to be careful, to also give the right crunchiness to the breading, with a delicate frying but resolute at the same time.
A second secret is in the filling: only first choice ingredients: Meat Ragu, mushrooms, butter and ham, only Sicilian raw materials of high quality.
Other secrets are then our devices: the bay leaf to flavour the Ragu, a hint of saffron and the breadcrumbs.
And then, above all, time and patience. Each Arancina must be perfect: in the form, filling and flavour.



Suarè – Le vere Arancine siciliane per il tuo locale!