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Suarè è un marchio depositato della EGE Srl

Mamma Giovanna’s recipes

Arancine are a real family tradition, for us they must be a joy for the eyes and palate. Crunchy rice, delicious filling: a delight. We prepare rounds, ovals or sharp, but always according to the original Sicilian recipes.

How is Suarè born?
We are three brothers: Emilio, Emanuele and Giampiero. We grew up with the good family cooking of our mother Giovanna, which on special occasions prepared for us the unequalled Arancine. It was really a party. And for us it was above all a great feast.

One Sunday, after stocking up, once again, on Arancine prepared by Mamma Giovanna, we looked into her eyes and we told her: “Mum, these Arancine are so good, we have to offer them to the world”. And the idea of Suarè was born. Nothing more. Only the pleasure of bringing Arancine of Mamma Giovanna around the world, to convey to those who are far from Sicily the pleasures and flavours that we did not want to keep as a family secret. Today, Arancine Suarè represent a tribute not only to our mother, but to all mothers, grandmothers, Sicilian aunts, who are good at their hands, to their wisdom in the kitchen and to their patience with us.

Suarè – Le vere Arancine siciliane per il tuo locale!