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Suarè è un marchio depositato della EGE Srl


The real Sicilian Arancine for your customers!

From the heart of Sicily Saurè Arancine arrive throughout Italy. In bars, delicatessens, restaurants or catering, throughout the national territory, offering its customers a Suarè Arancina means proposing an original, traditional and healthy product that enriches and expands its offer.
In a world that goes more and more quickly, with demanding customers, who often ask for a quick meal, Suarè Arancina is the best alternative to the usual sandwich or to a ready meal. It is a unique, quick, rice-based meal, ideal for families as for work appointments or a tasty break.
The Sicilian deli is famous all over the world. With Suarè you can offer the product par excellence of our gastronomy, the Arancina, bringing the flavour and the taste of the most authentic Sicily to your customers, with great convenience and unbeatable quality.
Suarè – Le vere Arancine siciliane per il tuo locale!